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The Clean Bottle Defies The Traditional Water Bottle Template

Refillable water bottles have long been a staple in athletics. From the those found secured to the frames of bicycles, found on the sidelines of football and basketball games, or those casually thrown into the corner at an aerobics class, water bottles are everywhere.

Every person has used one of these before, and if they are an active athlete they have eventually noticed the off-putting smell or the collection of brown sediment that collects at the bottom. As useful as these bottles are they seem to be nearly impossible to clean, and are often thrown away once they develop an odor. The Clean Bottle turns the traditional water template on its head.

Without a doubt, if you follow cycling you have noticed the “bottle man” chasing after the Peloton. He is advertising for Clean Bottle. This new invention is based on a very simple idea. Rather than the traditional water bottle template of having only one opening at the top this version opens at both ends making it remarkably easy to wash. You simply unscrew the cap at both ends and wash with soap and water.

It is such a simple idea that it boggles the mind why no one thought of it before. By opening at both ends the Clean Bottle can be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Finally, no more brown gunk clinging to the sides and mildew smell every time you take a drink. You can rest assured that your beverage is as clean as it can possibly be.

Old sport’s bottles were thrown out on a regular basis, and their cleanliness was always in question. Sure you swirled some hot soapy water in there, but did you get everything. Sports drinks are notorious for leaving residue behind. With this new sports bottle, you can be sure that every crevice was thoroughly scrubbed.


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