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Avery Labels L7167 for Inkjet & Laser Printing


100 sheets of Avery labels L7167 in our popular Matt White Avery labels L7167 A4 Sheets, with FREE Download on all orders.

Quantity Discounts are available from the per box for 50 boxes.

Avery Labels L7167 1 Shipping Label per A4 Sheet – 199.6×289.1 mm

Avery Labels L7167 1 Shipping Label per A4 Sheet – 199.6×289.1 mm

Product Details for Avery Labels L7167

No. of labels per A4 sheet: 1

No. of labels per box of 100 sheets: 100

Label dimensions (Width x Height): 199.6×289.1 mm

Equivalent to Avery: L7167

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Printer Compatibility

You can print most of the Shipping labels available on our website with an inkjet or laser printer or a copier. However, some materials are specifically for laser printers, some are specifically for inkjet printers and some can be used on both. Mostly glossy and fluorescent finishes do not print on inkjets, while transparent labels do not print on laser printers.

The printer compatibility is listed next to each of the Shipping label. We advise you to have a look at the printer compatibility of your Shipping labels before printing them otherwise you might waste your sheets of Shipping labels.

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Avery Labels L7167 Colours

On our website we offer Avery labels L7167 in 19 different color selections including Matt White, Matt Red, Matt Blue, Matt Black Vinyl, Glossy White, five different Fluorescents, classic Matt Gold and Matt Silver.

Avery Labels L7167 Materials

We provide Avery labels L7167 in materials including, Matt, Matt Opaque, Matt Clear Polyester, Matt Polyethylene, Matt Vinyl, Semi-Gloss, High Gloss, Gloss Clear Polyester, Polyjet Gloss and Fluorescent.

Avery Labels L7167 Adhesives

We have the option to choose from three types of adhesives including Permanent Adhesive, Peelable and High Tack Adhesive. Your choice will depend upon the type of surface you intend to apply your Avery labels L7167. Our labels can be applied to most surfaces such as wood, metal, plastic and glass surfaces.

For more details about the Avery labels L7167 colors, materials, and adhesives available on our website, please click here.

Free Avery Labels L7167 Templates

Free Avery labels L7167 templates in Microsoft Word or PDF format are available on on our website. Every template has been measured and marked out to perfectly fit. Simply ‘cut and paste’ your text and/or design into space for each label, then hit print. All the borders are already set-up, just make sure you line-up your sheets of Shipping labels in your printer feed tray.

Free Avery labels L7167 Samples

On our website, we provide up to 3 free Avery labels L7167 samples of all label materials. You can request free Shipping labels samples by contacting us here.

To request free samples please click here.

For more information about Shipping, labels visit our main site home page.

Make Your Own Shipping Labels

You can make shipping labels quickly and easily on your very own computer provided you have all the things needed. Follow these simple steps to make your own shipping labels.

Things You Need

Shipping Information
Microsoft Word
Logo, Clip Art, Pictures (Optional)
Shipping label sheets
Inkjet or Laser Printer

1. Collect shipping information. Make sure you verify all of the information. You must have the correct spelling of names, buildings, streets, cities, and any other data to be inserted on the shipping label.

2. Decide if you want any type of graphic on your shipping label. It is entirely up to you to include a logo, favorite picture, specific clipart or any other type of graphic on your shipping labels. If you do, have it easily accessible.

3. Choose your shipping label sheets. You can choose from a variety of shipping labels from on our website and order them according to your requirement.

4. Create your shipping labels. You can download shipping label templates from the on our website. If you downloaded a template, you can open it in MS Word. Name and save the shipping label for future use. To put your information on the template, simply insert logo, picture or clip art and type in your details.

If you want to use a specific font make sure you use it in your template. You can easily alter the font by selecting “Format”, then “Font” and make any changes you want to the font style, size, and color.

5. Print your shipping labels. You will see the shipping just as it will appear on the labels. Once all information is correct, load your label paper into your printer and click on the “Print” button.

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