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We think these schedules present unique opportunities for you to increase exposure and goodwill in the following ways:

1.      Don’t just hand out a business card that someone

      will shove in his or her pocket.  Attach it to these

      unique schedules and keep your card in view for months.


2.   The Kitchen is the highest traffic area in both the home and

      a business.  Having your magnet on the fridge will

      consistently remind clients of your business or service.


3.   The popularity of the NFL and college football is at an

      all-time high.  Magnetic business cards are proven to work

      better than regular cards.  The combination of the two

      provides greater exposure over a longer period of time.  


4.     Everybody hates junk mail – Everybody loves magnets!

     Send something clients and prospects will keep and use,

     rather than throw away.  These schedules are designed to

      fit conveniently into a #10 envelope and with a weight of

     only 1 oz, it won’t increase your postage. 

Call us at 239-432-0008 or Toll Free at 1-800-458-9833, or e-mail at for more information about these magnetic NFL/NCAA Schedules.

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