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Label Sheets: 3 Tips in Choosing Which Label Sheets Match Your Needs


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You can find sticky labels almost anywhere; on your CDs, bottles, jars, envelopes, boxes and food items to name a few. If you like to create and print your own sticky labels, whether at home or in office, it’s advisable for you to choose the label sheets that best suit your needs. These label sheets come in various shapes, colors, and finishes and are available both in high street stores and online.


Label Sheets – Different Uses of Labels

The top layer of the label sheets is called face stock. This is the part of the label sheets that the printing is done on. The top coating of the face stock dictates whether your label has a glossy or matt finish. Adhesive glue is coated onto the back of the face stock and a liner is used to prevent the face stock and glue from bonding to anything. When you are peeling labels off the label sheets, it is only the face stock and adhesive that will come off. This is the part of the label sheets that will bring your creativity in front of the world.

Before buying the label sheets, you need to consider a few things. The label you choose is dependant on your requirements. For instance, the label you stick on a bottle will be very different from the one you will put on a CD. Here are a few tips to help you make a decision:

The shape of the Sticky Labels:

Label sheets can either be plain or in varying shapes. A die is used to cut certain areas of the label sheets, converting them into various shapes. The most common shapes found in label sheets are a square, round, rectangle, disc shape, and oval. You can also customize the shape of your labels yourself.


Label Sheets – Different Shapes of Labels

The first thing you need to decide is the purpose of using labels. If you are using them for mailing purposes, you could opt for address labels, or return address labels which are smaller in size. Similarly, for shipping, you would require label sheets with larger rectangular labels to fit in all the details. Round labels look great on jars and bottles.


If you want to differentiate between various CDs you have lying around, you can use the CD label sheets, designed to fit your CDs perfectly. You can also purchase blank label sheets to create larger labels for your shipments, big cartons or just as advertisements. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, you can have labels sheets customized to your needs. Special label sheets can be made, just for you, upon your request.


Color and Finish:

Once you have decided on the shape, the next step is to see what type of color or finish you want. Label Sheets come in a variety of finishes, such as matt, gloss, transparent and fluorescent in a range of colors.


Label Sheets – Colour and Finish

The list is endless. If you want your label to exude richness, then you should opt for glossy label sheets; if you want to let your creativity flourish, then choose either white or transparent label sheets. White matte labels are mostly used for mailing and shipping, while glossy label sheets are used when you want printouts in true photographic quality.



Label sheets are available with two kinds of adhesives; permanent and removable. They form the middle layer of the label sheets and are coated on the face stock. If you are looking for durability and longevity, the permanent adhesive label sheets should be your choice. Such labels cannot be taken off the product without destroying the label completely or leaving behind an adhesive residue.

Similarly, removable adhesive label sheets can be used when you want to continuously reposition your labels. These labels can be taken off one product and stuck on another without ruining the label.

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