Laser Labels


Laser Labels – A Guide to Understanding the Nature, Selection, and Use


Laser Labels

In order to be successful one needs to be efficient and quick in order to meet his needs. Laser labels can help you in being more organized. They give the best results with laser printers as they are made by pressure sensitive materials.


Laser labels have the following nature of structure:

Face Stock:

The face stock is the topmost layer and the visible portion of a sticky laser label, which is printed by using toner. The environment in which the labels have to be used determines the type of labels. Sometimes labels come in contact with oil and grease, water and sometimes with even chemicals.

For instance, if the label is to be used on bathroom accessories, it is subjected to water; therefore the labels made for bathroom products are water resistant.

Top Coating:

Top coating is the basic element which adds to the protective qualities of the face stock. By their application labels become more durable and weatherproof.

Another thing to keep in mind while making a selection for them is the Adhesive used.


The adhesive is the middle layer of the label and helps to stick the labels on a surface. Adhesives come in a variety of bond strengths or sticking strength which can be opted according to the requirement.

For laser labels, acrylic emulsion adhesives are always used. Permanent adhesive labels, as reflected by the name cannot be removed once applied however; if you want removable labels you must buy removable adhesive labels.

The Liner:

The liner can be thrown away when the label is put to use. It is silicon coated to encourage easy peel-off and also protects the sticky quality of the labels. The liner ensures that the label does not cause any paper jams during the printing process.

The uses of laser labels are endless:

Offices print labels to keep their files in a manageable form.
Libraries use laser labels to label their reading sections on shelves.

They are used as mailing labels for envelopes and larger sized laser labels by post offices and couriers.

At home, people use laser labels to organize their CDs whereas mothers adorn their jars and bottles in the kitchen.

Chemical industries and hospitals use laser labels to help to identify the different chemicals and medicines respectively.

You can print your labels at home and in office by yourself. They are efficient and convenient. Moreover, a must buy for every organization.

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