Regulatory Labels – Polyester Thermal Transfer



Drake Labels produces marking solutions for electronic and mechanical products in the aerospace, airline, computer, consumer, government, medical/pharmaceutical, and scientific/oceanic industries.

These marking systems and labels include digital labels, calibration stickers, tamper evident & instruction labels, as well as regulatory labels.  Drake Labels follows the guidelines and regulations for the manufacture of labels and marking systems to the letter to ensure that your product meets strict regulatory standards.

Regulatory labels are required to demonstrate that a label used to mark a device was manufactured in compliance with strict product standards and compliance guidelines.  Three well known regulatory agencies are Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Consumer Electronics Association (CE), and RoHS Enforcement Authority (RoHS).

RoHS (or the Regulation of Hazardous Substances) restricts the use of lead, mercury, cadmium, and a range of flame retardants – many of which are used to make computers and other electronic equipment.  Computers and electronic devices are required to be marked with a label that demonstrates that the item was manufactured according to RoHS standards.  RoHS is a governmental standard developed in the United Kingdom and adopted by the European Union.

There are standards for the production of labels as well.  Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a global entity that will certify that a label meets a particular standard of safety.  A standard of safety may address issues of energy efficiency, environmental safety, flammability, or workplace safety.

To be certified as a UL label the materials used to manufacture labels (like polyester (Mylar) or polycarbonate (Lexan)) must be flame retardant and not conduct electricity.

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