Round Labels: 5 Tips to Use Round Labels for Decoration


Labels have several uses. They are not used only for labeling/organizing purposes but can also be used to spice up the decorative value of different items. Round labels, being circular in shape, with or without text may increase the value of your possessions. Or sometimes, simply choose plain colored labels for decoration. It’s up to you how creative you are, and how beautifully you employ labels in your home!

Here a few creative ideas are given to inspire your imagination.

1. Use Round Labels to Decorate Your Rooms

Round labels for Home Decoration

Add a bit more life to your bedrooms, and decorate your window’s glass panes, lamps, and mirrors with round labels. They are simple to use and subtle in looks, enough to cast a fully soft and decent impact. You can pick plain labels, according to the theme or color scheme of your room and furniture. Impress your visitors with your interior designing skills and collect the appreciations.

2. Decorate Your Jars with Round Labels

Round Labels for Decorating Jars

Transparent glass jars with colorful items or candies inside are pretty attractive. Especially if you have school-age kids in your home, then you can keep them busy with these candy jars, carefully adorned with round labels. Decorating jars with such labels make a pretty gift as well. Let your creative juices flow, and make your loved ones happy by a carefully customized gift adorned with labels.


3. Add Personal Touch to Your Accessories

Round Labels: Personalized Accessory Box

Have you ever thought about decorating your jewelry/ accessory box with round labels? They can make them look appealing and different than all the others available in the market. Get your own label printed at home or buy from stores. You may also print your name or an icon representing the content inside.


4. Spice Up Your Party with Round Labels

Round Label Hat

Do you have to arrange a birthday party for your child soon? But having no ideas that how to make it memorable under limited budgets? Go and try out round labels as creatively as you can. Here is a little example of a party hat made from round labels.

5. Organize & Decorate Book Bins

Round Label on Book Bin

If you are a school teacher, it may sometimes become difficult for you to keep track of all the books, notebooks, and other school accessories. Simply use sticky round labels on to your book bin that will help you next time recognizing your school stuff even in a large crowd of items or book pile. You may go for customized labels, to have a text/ design of your choice.

For instance, a label with alphabets printed on them on bold will be appropriate if you are a primary grade teacher.

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