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Customized Bottled Water With a Water Bottle Label Templates


Adding more personalized touch in your bottled waters for special events is an interesting way to do. Customizing it according to a particular occasion or event such as birthday, wedding, graduation, holidays, baby or bridal showers and big corporate event offers a sense of originality and hard-thought fresh idea that would surely mark in the memories of everyone who joined in your celebration.


How to make custom-made water bottle labels? It is so easy to do. All you have to do is either purchase or download a water bottle label template for free. Just simply register for a free design software online and choose the Design and Print option. There is actually a wide variety of designs available that you can choose from.

Pick the ones that are appropriate to the kind of party you are going to conduct or the ones that best suit your requirements. In case you want to add other details, you can also edit it as much as you like depending on the look you want it to appear. Once you are done with editing and size adjustments, you can now hit the Print button and voila! You now have your very own water bottle label template.

If you are using an inkjet printer, then it would be better for you to use white-matte vinyl water resistant labels. For a laser printer, on the other hand, the best thing to use is white gloss polyester water-resistant labels. In order to dry the labels instantly and permanently, you may also choose to submerge it in water for better results. Carefully cut the template by simply following the outline.

Once you are done trimming, gather your bottled water, as well as the labels you just shared a while ago, and begin attaching the labels into the bottles. If the bottles that you purchased already have labels on them, then simply remove those first before you attach yours. If you want to get things done fast and hassle-free, you may also choose to simply hire a company to do the job for you.

Considering your basic needs and main objectives, carefully decide which way can give you more advantage. After all, there are various online companies that are currently offering this kind of service, which provide everything right from the water bottles to designing the labels and delivering it at your doorstep. Whichever you may choose, always make sure that it suits the occasion and it matches your budget.

Sample Water Bottle Label Templates

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