Tips to Use Page Templates to Print Multipurpose Labels


Multipurpose label templates make the creation of mailing lists easy instead of the tedious job that it can be if you do it manually. All Multipurpose labels available here on our website come with Multipurpose label templates and they are easy to find online also.

1. Open your word processing program. Click on “File” and then “New”. You should be able to locate a pop-up window that asks what type of document you are trying to create. Click the link “labels” and then go to “Mailing and Multipurpose labels.” Click this and choose the template size that corresponds with the Multipurpose labels you are planning to use. You can find this information on the labels package.

2. Determine the name and the version number of the word processor you are using. This can be found by opening the program, clicking on “Help” and then “About.”

3. If you are using Microsoft Word or Open Office you can use the templates available on our website.

4. Use a search engine to find the label you need. Type “free Multipurpose label” and the name of your word processor into the search box. An example would be “free Multipurpose label Microsoft Word.” The resulting list should point you to the website you need to download the templates.

5. Download the Multipurpose label template that suits your needs.

6. Open it with your word processor.

7. You will get options to edit it. Add text and/or images to customize it.

8. Print your printable Multipurpose labels.

Tips & Warnings

Version numbers of your word processor are important. Templates made for newer versions will not normally work with older releases. Double-check the compatibility before downloading a free address label template. Make sure you run a virus scan over any templates you download from the internet before installing them on your computer. Templates are an easy target for virus infections, and once installed on your computer can be very difficult to get rid of.

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