Round Labels


Use Round Labels in Your Kitchen and Win Hearts


One might be a wonderful chef but when it comes to the kitchen, it is equally important to organize oneself and the surroundings aesthetically. If you take hours to make your homemade jam, would you not want the bottle to look pleasing to the eyes when you serve it?

Would you not want to put a decorative round label on a batch of cookies you wish to gift to your neighbors? Keep your family and friends entertained with these helpful ways to decorate your kitchen essentials and kitchen gifts with round labels.

Round labels in your kitchen

You can buy your round labels in bulk from the market or order them online from a renowned supplier’s website. The rudimentary form of a round label is white. Graphic designs and wordings can easily be printed onto the round label to customize it. These round labels work well with both laser and inkjet printers but bear in mind that the glossy exterior works well with inkjet.

Some of you might wish to write with a marker on your round label while others prefer more attention seeking path and like to print words onto already purchased round label sheets or start from scratch with graphic designs and templates. You can also avail free design service, offered by some label manufacturers, and get your round labels printed from them.

However, you can follow the simple steps given below in order to customize your round labels at home.

Resize the image or the design you want to put on your round labels accordingly and write your name or a catchphrase of your own choice.

Click on the round labels sticker to upload your image and voila, print as desired.

When working with round labels, especially in the kitchen where most of the content ends of in a refrigerator, one needs to make sure that the round label stays on the jar and does not deteriorate due to moisture.

Here are a few steps for your convenience:

Before applying labels, wipe the surface on the jar where the round label is to be placed until it is absolutely dry.

Peel off the round label and then place the sticky side neatly onto the desired area. Press the label onto the area for at least 45-60 seconds.

By using round labels effectively in your kitchen, you will not be only organizing your kitchen, but will also be the winner of hearts. Above all, satisfaction received from round labels has no parallel match!

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